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Dec. 2007

Karyn Klaire Koski announcement

What happened to Holly's Law?

 Friday September 14th 2007
For Immediate Release


Independent Candidate Charles de Kerckhove; (dah-care-cove) St. Paul¹s riding, is asking voters to consider Donating their vote to support his one and only platform;
the Elimination of Childhood Sexual Abuse Campaign. He is also jumping borders into other ridings and soliciting possible candidates who may have the potential to become Ministers- encouraging them to propose a newly developed HOLLY¹S LAW.

By devising a report card of the Current Government¹s progress in Social and Legal areas regarding Childhood Sexual Abuse, Charles can propose how Canada can surpass and maintain International standards in areas of awareness, intervention, counseling, and sentencing.


Supporting and defining the information short-listed in the report card, is advocacy website:

The candidacy of Charles de Kerckhove and his intention of proposing Ministers to bring forth
A newly developed Holly¹s Law, is known to Maria Jones and George Stonehouse. To learn more of the particulars (pertaining to the proposal)             please contact

Media Contact:  Karyn Klaire Koski    416 801-0103     
KK is also anti child porn advocacy aid to Maria Jones                     

Today, September 14th- would have been Holly's 15th birthday, she would have been  in grade 10




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