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Best friends Remember, Musings by Holly's Friends

  • "Funny thing about Holly was her laugh-it was so funny if made you laugh along."
  • "Her laugh was different, it was funny/crazy, just like her mom's"
  • "She tried everything, she was even willing to slip on her skates to skate on the last frozen puddle on her driveway in March 2003 and when she was spotted, whispering to close family friend "Don't tell my mom or dad" " The marks of that adventure are imbedded in the driveway, once a little girl skated here.
  • "All the flowers left in remembrance of her, outside of her family home, would have tempted Holly to lie amongst them, no matter who told her not too!"
  • "As well, all the stuffed teddy bears and toys left for Holly would have tempted her to jump among them, feeling their softness"
  • "She didn't realize how special she was and how she touched people's hearts"
  • "She disliked broccoli"
  • "She tried to live vegetarian"
  • "She thought killing animals for food was cruel"
  • "She loved cats and dogs"
  • "She liked recess and school"
  • "Swimming and playing with her friends."
  • "She was girlie, but tried to act grown up and cool"

Jacket Chaos

This story starts off with my rabbit. In about January 2003, Holly came over for a visit. She very much wanted to hold my rabbit, but I wasn't quite sure with this. So she kept begging and in the end i gave in and allowed her to hold my rabbit. Little did i know it wouldn't be a pretty sight. So, she grabbed my rabbit and held it (squezzed it). My rabbit moved around alot in her arms and scratched Holly. She dropped it right over my rabbits cage, and my rabbit was dangling from the side, i screamed and elbowed Holly in the stomach which knocked her off her feet. Which she feel on the ground and my coat stand with ALL the coats fell on top of her. I rescued my rabbit, he was safe. but was Holly? Yes, of course. And she was laughing. laughing and laughing and laughing. I realized what i had done to her, so i grabbed all the coats and took them off her. After that we laughed about it for a while.

good times we had,
good times,

It was Saturday May 10th,2003 I went over to Marie and George's place to pay a visit.While I was there Marie had invited me to the family reunion at her mom's.I had no interest of going at first,had full intentions of going to Barrie to visit a friend.So...I had left.
While driving something was telling me to go.Have fun!! On my way back to their house I was driving along Sterling and saw Holly.She was in front of Nestlea and trying to get into the paper box.So I stopped and was just watching her for a little bit.She looked out of the corner of her eye(she does this all the time-just like her mom)noticed I was watching her and smiled.I took her and her little scooter home.I'll never forget that moment.
When we got back to the house her uncle Duke said to her...Do you know they have those with motors now? (meaning her scooter)And she said....Yes,I want one!!
It's these kinds of memories I will cherish forever...your look,your smile,your every move.I love you Holly....forever and always

Aunt Monica xo

I think back to May 12th 2003.I was listening to the radio for traffic results and the news came on.I heard your name being mentioned.I could not beleive what I had heard."Holly Jones" missing.I had to listen more, to make sure.Yes this was true.I knew something serious was wrong.You are a child to always let your mom and dad know where you were.
I started to hit my stering wheel over and over again.I stopped at a gas station to inform Uncle Duke what had happened.
My car wouldn't go fast enough Holly to get to Toronto,to get to your mom and dad.There was so many people at your house.I needed to go out and help find you.I needed to search.You were nowhere to be found.The whole time searching we were walking right by the house to where you were.
You have never done Holly.Why,WHY did this have to happen to you.I'm still in shock sweetie.
i wish this would of happened to me...instead of you.I love where you are.
Forever and Always

Aunt Monica xo

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